Jetspeed Logistics is a third-party logistics management company and transportation forwarder that commenced operations in July of 1983. The company is a privately held, non-union corporation. We employ over 100 people and have offices and warehouse space in North America, India, UK, and Africa and within easy reach of all worldwide.

The strength of our company relies on the quality of our people, and Skyland Logistics takes great pride in the fact that our turnover is virtually non-existent. This is primarily due to the efforts we extend in the hiring process and the benefits one receives working for Skyland Logistics.

Every employee receives training with the primary tools of the company such as computer systems and tariffs, while others receive more specialized training in areas such as the safe handling of hazardous materials, warehouse management and sales.

Performance results are shared with the employees and they benefit by positive trends. Besides the basic 401K and Profit Sharing Retirement plans, the employees also share in the monthly profits of the corporation.